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Fanciful Two Bedroom at the Montaire Up For Grabs, Has Very High HOA Dues

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We fully understand that the cost of living in San Francisco is absolutely insane. This is a town where a 1-bedroom in any given neighborhood will cost you well above $500,000. We put up with this because San Francisco is a beautiful and wonderful place, and also because we all have a case of the crazies. But every once in awhile a property has a catch that just seems a little too over the top. Take this 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,720-square foot condo at the prestigious Montaire on Nob Hill. It's master bedroom is described as "cozy." The two bathrooms are beautiful, but windowless. It is in one of San Francisco's most desirable neighborhoods. The price of the unit is $1,295,000. There's a door person and building management, but not a heated rooftop pool or a 5,000-square foot gym. So why, dear readers, are there monthly HOA dues of $2,221.34? It covers your water and garbage, the door person, management and insurance. There's 20 units in the building. Do the math. Chime in with your best guess or explanation, won't you?
· 1340 Clay #504 [Redfin]


1340 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94109