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San Francisco's Version of the Walk of Fame

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San Francisco could soon have its own version of Hollywood's walk of fame. You see, a group of residents and merchants in the Castro have selected the first 20 names of the Rainbow Honor Walk, a proposed blocks-long collection of influential gays and lesbians whose names would appear on stars on the sidewalk. The group's proposed that the walk run along Market Street from Octavia Boulevard to Castro Street. Folks like Oscar Wilde, Frida Kahlo and Allen Ginsberg made the final cut. The group decided not to include Harvey Milk in the first round of name selection because they didn't want to "choose the person who already has two, three, four things named for him, let's honor people who haven't," said Isak Lindenauer, co-chair of the project. The plaques could be approved by the Civic Arts Commission in the coming months and could be installed by the end of the year.
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