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St. Francis Wood Mansion Can't Seem to Find a Buyer

Was: $4,950,000
Then: $4,699,000
You Save: $251,000

299 Santa Paula in St. Francis Wood has been on and off the market for years. The last time we checked in it was asking $4,950,000. Shoot forward to present day and it's got a shiny and new price of $4,699,000. The deets: it's a 5-bed, 5.5-bath mega house that clocks in at a whooping 10,853 square feet. Highlights include? well, where do we begin? Just take a look around. Beamed ceilings, home gym, gardens in each direction. But what will it take to have someone write a check? We'll keep you posted.
· 299 Santa Paula [Redfin]

299 Santa Paula Ave, San Francisco, CA