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Inspire Jealous Rage from Coast to Coast

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If you're one of those obnoxious people still talking about how amazeballs the weather was this weekend, do we have a house for you! This 5-bed, 3.5 bath house on aptly named Hill Street should get your juices flowing with its outdoor pool. Yes, you can look down on all those scantily-clad hipsters in Dolores Park while sipping an icy cold margarita on your pool floatie, and the rest of us will warm you with our burning desire to move in. Listed for a cool $2,800,000, it boasts three floors of fun and five, count 'em, five decks. Please, please have a pool party during the rest of the February heat wave and maybe we'll ask you to be our Valentine.
· 466 Hill Street [Redfin]

466 Hill Street, San Francisco, California