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Big and Beautiful in Presidio Heights

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Ah, yes. Presidio Heights. The last time money was exchanged for 325 Cherry was back in December 2002 for $1,762,000. Now she's back on the market and with a flashier price tag: $2,195,000. It's a 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,342-square foot top floor mega condo. The building was built in 1900, but the bulk of the interior has been stripped of its original charm. That said, aside from replacing some window treatments, everything's just fine and peachy. There's another unit in the building, and the lucky buyer would get to share the backyard with them. There's also monthly HOA dues, but the dollar amount isn't listed.
· 325 Cherry [Redfin]

325 Cherry Street, San Francisco, CA