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Next, They'll be Calling Him Pudgy

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It's literally as exciting as winning the Olympics? learning more and more as I have about what it means, it's several Olympics put together over a period of time.” The New York Times quotes our Interim Mayor Ed Lee and describes his "childlike enthusiasm." You'd never catch them pinning "childlike enthusiasm" on Michael Bloomberg or Rahm Emmanuel. The article goes on to describe the America's Cup progress in San Francisco, plus the arrival of the USA 17, a dis-assembled tri-hull with a 185' foot-high mast. It's in storage on Pier 80 waiting to be re-assembled and put on display. An analysis of the final race agreement and the changes made during the last December's torrid negotiation will be released by the Budget Office in mid-March. Stay tuned for Supervisor's "childlike" tantrums. [Bay Citizen/NYTimes]