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Bernal's Vintage Coke Mural to Be Obscured

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After last week, we thought this whole dispute over a vintage Coca-Cola Mural in Bernal Heights would be wrapped up nicely in favor of Richard Modolo, the owner of the wall the sign happens to be painted on and a resident of the neighborhood since the 1950s. Now, thanks to the threat of hefty daily fines (to the tune of $100) from the Planning Department for displaying an illegal advertisement, Mr. Modolo has been pressured in to covering up the mural for the time being. There's still the chance the mural could be allowed to openly display the owner's soft drink preference if Supervisor Campos pulls through to create a "historic sign district", but neighborhood supporters don't seem to be holding their breath on that one. In the meantime Modolo has gotten all the proper permits in order to cover it with siding, because he sounds like a very responsible landlord.
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