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Inside the Mystery House, Prices Are Chopped to Smithereens

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Was: $464,900
Then: $454,900
Then: $449,900
Then: $439,900
Then: $429,900
Then: $324,900
Now: $299,900
You Save: $165,900 Back in November, we discovered a plywood-tastic mystery house and asked you, dear readers, what you thought might be inside. Your many twisted suggestions included a meth lab, an underpants collection, or a litter of feral kittens. None of these exciting things transpired, however, and it's just plain old fire damage mixed with shady s**tshack. We can probably all agree that trying to rehab this house would be a serious headache, but the ability to tear something down in this town is, shall we say, limited. Now, is the lot worth $299,000? Do you think this location-lucky "house" will find a buyer willing to give her some serious tender loving care or demolition?
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