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Cannot Unsee Weird Western Addition Co-op

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Looking to buy in the city but a little short on cash? Well look no further! This 2-bed, 1-bath co-op in Western Addition has got you covered. Of course, for $340,000 it's going to come with some quirks. We hope you're a fan of Mediterranean seascapes, because you've got one right out your window on your bedroom wall. The kitchen has green cabinets, which we actually find rather charming, but looks itty bity. 840 square feet seems a little small for a 2-bedroom, but you can rest assured that non of that was wasted on hallways. They are built for very narrow people. We get a little cramped just thinking about it. But that's all we can tell you - the rest of the pictures, comical as they are, showcase nothing more than the current owner's clutter instead of giving us some idea of the size of the rooms. Quirks required? Surely you, dear reader, will ace the co-op interview.
· 45 Western Shore Lane #4 [Redfin]