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Attack of the Senior Citizens

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A group of elderly Chinese musicians have gather at Portsmouth Square every weekend for two years to perform music for their Chinatown neighbors. This past Monday, a city employee tried to shut them down for performing without a permit. You see, they have a permit to perform on weekends, but not weekdays. They wanted to perform on Monday since they took Sunday off because of the festivities surround the Lunar New Year. According to Wilma Pang, a Chinatown resident who helped the seniors acquire their city permit, the seniors got really mad at the city employee and the altercation turned violent. "He came around harassing," she said of the supervisor. "They tried to push him." Regardless of the altercation, Recreation and Park officials would still like the musicians to perform at the park. "We're going to reach out the group and try to shepherd them through the permit process and have them understand what the ultimate goal is for having a shared and good park experience for everyone," Recreation and Park Department spokesman Elton Pon said.
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