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Pacific Heights: Has Rotisserie, Needs New Owner, Sheep, Butler

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Was: $5,850,000
Now: $4,995,000
You Save: $815,000

1823 Jackson Street has had a quite a life, starting off as a purpose-built Swedish Consul's residence in the mid-1890's, shook by a big earthquake, and at some point converted to six rental units as the neighborhood around it filled up with multi-story apartment houses. In the past few years, the current owners (since 2007) have done some upgrading- adding a new 3-car garage in 2009, refurbishing two of the kitchens and the baths- and they've run into flack for allegedly adding an illegal roof deck and the worst sin of all, illegally converting the building back into a single family dwelling. According to the Department of Buildings, a complaint in July, 2010 cited "an illegal removal of units, scope beyond permits, removal of kitchens, removal of doors" to which the inspector responded "Complaint not valid. Utilities are still in place for multiple units." Well, then, OK! PG&E tells us no rental units have been lost. On the other hand, the realtors are telling us this is a 6-bed, 6.5-bath single family house including a guest suite with a second kitchen in the basement, presumably in which to park the au pair.

It's still a swell house, with beautiful wood details on the ground floor and a great kitchen, which includes a rotisserie big enough to roast a sheep or two. On the downside, it's a hike from the garage to the kitchen, and the otherwise-attractive garden backs up to the parking garage of the apartment house around the corner. A quiet, if unattractive neighbor. As for living in former consulates, those of us who would want to already have ours, plus it's hard to imagine this house without a butler and an entourage of domestics. It's been on and off the market since May, 2010 with an original asking price of $5,850,000 and re-listed yesterday at $815,000 less. There's lots of high-res at the realtor's dedicated site.
Credit is Due: We'd like to thank the commenters in the previous post about 1823 Jackson for directing us to the permit issues here- we like hearing from you all.
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