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Capp Street Condo is Old, Cheap and Kinda Pretty

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This quirky little wood-sided, 2-bed, 1.5-bath number on Capp Street could make some young, expecting couple very happy. Either that or piss off the neighbors by attracting young, expecting couples with an inviting $453 per square foot pricetag. The exterior details on the trim and the stained glass around the entry door are lovely and the kitchen has also been renovated recently, but the interior could use decorator who doesn't just throw a couple Ikea chairs in the living room and call it a day.
Since it was built way back in 1900, there are a few [ahem] features that don't quite add up: Like the weird closet that appears to contain nothing more than a wicker chair, which we reckon would fit better out back on the patio the listing agent decided not to photograph. The second bedroom also features a lovely futon for when you have company visiting, but our hypothetical expectant couple won't be having house guests over anytime soon anyway, so that shouldn't be a dealbreaker. Meanwhile, the garage has room for two cars - handy for when you eventually start shuttling the little kid off to private school elsewhere - and there's even room for a wine cellar for those days when parenting just gets to be too much.
· 602 Capp Street [RedFin]