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Beige Beauty Takes Another Hack

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Was: $1,895,000
Then: $1,795,000
Now: $1,595,000
You Save: $300,000

Goodness, readers! The last time this 4-bed, 2.5-bath, 2,350-square foot abode in Sea Cliff sold was in 1999 for $1,210,000. Shoot forward twelve years and the current owners are trying to make a buck or two on their investment. But will they? First listed in October for $1,895,000, chopped down to $1,795,000 in January, and today it received another hack, this time in the amount of $200,000. If it sells with this price tag, the owners will make $385,000. Let's talk highlights. There's a hot tub in the backyard, which would provide an excellent way to warm up during this cold spell we're experiencing. There's solar panels on the roof, so you can brag to your neighbors about how green your lifestyle is. 2-car parking in the garage is also a real plus. Dearest readers, do you think this property will finally find a buyer?
· 247 32nd Avenue [Redfin]