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Bernal Heights Continues the Anti-NIMBY Parade

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It looks like the anonymous neighbor who opposed the classic cola ad has finally lost the battle for Tompkins Avenue. After Burrito Justice offered proof that a grocer had occupied the space at 601 Tompkins since at least 1943 (which, admittedly, didn't prove that the sign had been there as long), Bernalwood received conclusive, incontrovertible evidence that the sign has been around since before the 1960s. Richard Modolo, the owner of the home who has lived in the neighborhood since the 50s (and, adorably enough, even got his school lunches from "Mrs. Tips" at Tipton's Grocery) has the paperwork to prove the sign's age. The advertisement, it seems, is a "ghost sign" that was revealed when he removed some asbestos siding from his home during renovations in 1991. Mr. Modolo, being a responsible homeowner, has kept the building's inspection history on file and that includes an entry for the installation of the asbestos siding in January of 1949. So there you go: NIMBY vanquished beyond a reasonable doubt.
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Photo credit: Richard Modolo by way of Bernalwood