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City Agencies Ask for Your Help Making Your Daily Strolls More Pleasant

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Everybody loves walking around San Francisco, right? But what makes one route better than another? The absence of stairs is a major plus, some might simply prefer to stick to the manicured sidewalks along one of our many classy shopping or restaurant districts. Today, the folks at the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association point us to Walk First - the first part of joint efforts put on by the Department of Public Health, the Planning Department, Muni and other city agencies that aim to increase pedestrian safety and build upon the Better Streets Plan. It's kind of like that time the city laid out transit-first policies, but everyone ended up walking because the buses are awful.

So to figure out where to start the next round of walkability improvements, the WalkFirst project is asking for your input in a quick survey on your favorite walking routes and what makes them ideal for flaneurs. Presumably, fresh survey data is less depressing to look at than DPH data on the most fatal streets for pedestrians, so go nuts on the write-in section for Question #3: "Why is this street your favorite?"
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