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Demolitions: Deleting the Past in Woodside

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Before & After: Images lifted from Gizmodo

Steve Jobs is always looking to the future. In the case of his now-demolished house in Woodside, though, the present is looking, um, messy. The intrepid lads of Gizmodo hired a small plane this week to scope out the project and produced a very shaky video while the plane was buffeted by high winds. Jobs has been battling to tear down his 1920's vintage house built by Montecito architect George Washington Smith for copper mine millionaire Daniel Jackling. In Montecito and Santa Barbara, Smith's work is worshipped. In Woodside, local preservationists were appalled by Jobs' cavalier attitude and fought him for roughly a decade in an effort to preserve the house, even offering to move the house to another location. Ixnay, said Jobs, it's coming down.

Very basic conceptual plans were filed last year for what will no doubt be a sleek, modernist and fully connected dwelling for him and his family. Gizmodo also gives us a timeline with pictures of Steve Job's residences since childhood, starting at a modest home in the Sunset and moving on through the 'burbs, including the garage where he and Steve Wozniak tinkered a la Hewlett and Packard, plus a co-op apartment on New York's Central Park West he renovated but never moved into.
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