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200-Year-Old Mural Wants Spotlight Again

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Somewhere between 1790 and 1791 a mural was painted by Ohlone Indians on the entirety of the rear wall of Mission Dolores. In 1796 a Baroque-style Mexican altarpiece was put it front of the mural, concealing it from view for more than two centuries. Now Ben Wood, an artist, is trying to raise a minimum of $8,300 so a trio of artists can recreate the mural on a commercial building. "This is a way to make an important part of San Francisco history, of California history, accessible to the public," said Ben Wood. The mural is painted in natural red, white and black dyes, depicts two hearts, pierced by a sword and daggers. Wood's would like to recreate a piece of the mural on a 20-by-5 foot section on the exterior of a building on 22nd and Bartlett streets. It'd be the first of many murals that Wood hopes to see go up on Barlett Street as part of a neighborhood revitalization effort connected with the outdoor Mission Community Market.
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