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Your Own Private Dolores Park Bathroom

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Our posting of this studio apartment for rent got y'all so hot and bothered we thought we would point out this studio for sale and see if you freaked out similarly. It's a studio condo with a sleeping loft a half block from Dolores Park. It's top floor, so no worries about hearing your neighbors when they are hosting their Burning Man decompression parties. The sleeping loft looks pretty cool, just don't have any tall friends over for a slumber party and you should be fine. And that tall, narrow and scary "staircase" pairs well with a belly full of cocktails. We really love the shared back patio but let's be honest, you'll just be at the park anyway, right? Hey, with a condo this close, you'll never have to wait in line for the bathroom. Practically pays for itself, if you've got $425,000 worth of bathroom-going in you. HOA are $199. What do you think, dear readers? Priced right for a hip neighborhood? Or should we expect a chop?
· 3855 A 18th Street [Redfin]
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