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Have a Coke on La Lengua

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On Wednesday, the folks at Bernalwood put out a call for historical data or photographs to prove the controversial Coca-Cola mural at 601 Tompkins Ave has been around since before 1965. Assuming such data existed, this whole NIMBY mess could be cleaned up without too much of a fight. (We'll politely decline to define when advertising becomes "vintage" and thus "art", thank you very much.)

Luckily for the murals supporters, the the reasonable folks at Burrito Justice dug up a whole range of historical data. Sanborn maps proving a store occupied the parcel as early as the 1950's and ancient Polk Directories listing Tipton's Grocery at that very same address as far back as 1943. It's a wonderful thing: to see a NIMBY-vs-Neighbors issue resolved so swiftly, not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling we get from watching inhabitants of La Lengua help out their neighbors up the hill.
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Photo credit: Todd Lapin/Bernalwood