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Pacific Heights: Eight Stories of Glass Didn't Happen Here

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This week's contribution to the annals of house porn is 60 Normandie Terrace, a triumph of no-surface-left-untouched renovation on one of the best lots in town. Normandie Terrace runs north from Broadway, one block long, and dead-ends with a sheer drop above Vallejo, and number 60 sits right on the edge. Originally built in 1938, the house underwent a recent overhaul, but the owners were thwarted in their more ambitious plans to excavate a new five-car garage under the house (accessible from Vallejo) and clad the entire structure in what would have been eight stories of glass. A battle that started in 2007 involving architects, lawyers, un-permitted renovations the dreaded Discretionary Reviews. So now it's for sale, and at $9,500,000, you get five bedrooms, six baths, garaging for a mere three cars, a bigger spiral staircase than any of your friends, and what may be the best view-kitchen in town, all in the gallery above. Check out the realtor's site for more pics and detailed floor plans.
· 60 Normandie Terrace [Malin Giddings/SF Properties]
· 60 Normandie Terrace [Redfin]