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Possible Noe Valley Town Square Rendered Digitally

There's no budget yet for Noe Valley's proposed 24th Street Town Square that we mentioned the other day, but that hasn't stopped CMG Landscape Architects from getting all excited and drafting up a couple of potential concepts anyway. According to neighborhood locals at NoeValleySF who poured over the PDF presentation, the four main concepts contain a variety of modern, mix-and-match features that can be assembled to create an ideal public space for the neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of focus on the kiddies with space for a children's play room, a screen for movie nights in the park, interactive water elements for those warm days and even a seasonal butterfly habitat. For the adults there's a "vox populi digital community board", an urban lounge and plenty of sidewalk space to avoid the dreaded stroller-rage.
· Noe Valley Town Square Concepts [NoeValleySF]