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A-Cup: Consider an Investment in Porta-Potty Leases Now

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34th America's Cup Proposed Sailing Use Area
(All images via SF Planning Department NOP)

Wonder what's going on with the America's Cup EIR? We thought not. But just in case you are, here's something massive you can read: the NOP, aka Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. It also includes notice of "public scoping meetings" next week on the 23rd and 24th at City Hall at 6:30PM, with written comments accepted until March 11. It's a curious document, one of those "let's cover our bases" lists of areas potentially affected by multi-hull catamarans and the people who love them. Among the many things we got out of it in addition to shoring up the old piers:
? A shell for the future cruise terminal will be erected on Piers 27/29 with an America's Cup village erected in and around it as temporary (maybe) structures. Apparently the soccer field and Teatro Zinzani are toast (yes, there's an artificial-turf soccer field out there) and the Chinese New Year's floats parked there will have to move on.
? Red's Java House is safe. For now.

? Marina Green and Crissy Field should expect to get 50-100K spectators lining their shores and new bleachers, although the viewing area appears to stop at the Warming Hut instead of going all the way to Fort Point. Damn, that's a lot of porta-potties.
? Alcatraz is going totally VIP-tent.
? Treasure Island is completely omitted, even though it's got prime race-route frontage.
? No mention of a secure zone around the St. Francis Yacht Club.
? No mention of the California Coastal Commission, as if they're going to let this while thing just slide by.
Also not in the NOP- did you know you can camp overnight for free on Angel Island? Maybe everyone will stay home and watch it on television.

Project Location Map

2012 Proposed Event Race Uses

2013 Proposed Event Race Uses

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