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$31,000 Off For Inner Sunset Condo

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Imagine buying this 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,577-square foot condo in the Inner Sunset for $850,000 in early 2009, and then putting it back on the market two years later at a $31,000 loss. Ouch. Let's take a look around. While the large living and dining rooms are definitely swoon-worthy, we're seriously scratching our heads over the awkward lower cabinetry in the kitchen. Curbed contributor Abby Pontzer noted that although the location of the kitchen island is questionable, it does appear to have wheels. But where would it go? It's not exactly a spacious kitchen. Moving along? there's 2-car parking and a pretty stellar shared backyard. Monthly HOA dues are $250.
· 1446 8th Avenue [Redfin]