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Bernal Heights NIMBY Not So Sweet on Vintage Cola Ad

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It's always something with those pesky neighbors, isn't it? Today Bernalwood, the Bernal Heights' blog of record, brings us the latest news in incessant NIMBYism: a neighbor near 601 Tompkins Ave has flagged a vintage Coca-Cola advertisement as an unauthorized billboard. According to other, friendlier neighbors the sign has been preserved by the current owners of the building - which may have formerly been a corner store, but is now a private home - for at least the past 30 years. All that careful restoration may be working against them, however, because now the Planning Department is skeptical that the sign is as old as the ad's supporters claim it is. As such, they'll need proof that it's been around since before the 1960's in order to successfully appeal the violation.

So, to recap: we have some Bernal old-timers and vintage advertising aficionados squaring off against a passive-aggressive, anti-neighborhood-history neighbor for the right to keep their delightfully retro advertisement for ubiquitous Cola. To make matters worse, at least one person is concerned the ad will get local school children hooked on the devil's bubbly syrup.
· Nameless NIMBY Gets Bullheaded Bureaucrats to Outlaw Historic Coca-Cola Sign [Bernalwood]
Photo credit: Todd Lapin/Bernalwood