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Location, Location, Location for Eureka Valley Condo

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119 Hancock in Eureka Valley is a 2-bed, 2-bath condo that recently underwent a remodel that included covering all the common area surfaces with a wood veneer (exaggeration). There's two units in the building; monthly HOA dues are $175; and you 1-car enclosed parking. The kitchen features the "finest european fixtures" and both bathrooms have radiant heat to help you through the typical SF foggy and freezing mornings. The condo's last sale was in late June of 2007 for $965,000, and it's now asking $1,049,000. All this info's fine and good, but the real drawl to this property is perhaps its close proximity to all things awesome: Dolores Park, the Castro, you name it.
· 119 Hancock [Redfin]