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The Ferry Building Enacts Plan to Deal With Homeless Problem

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[At The Ferry Building via Curbed Flickr Pool/Bob Horowitz]

As we've previously mentioned, the Ferry Building is having a bit of a dilemma with an increase in loitering, panhandling and dirty bathrooms. The increase is thought to be a result of the demolition of the nearby Transbay Terminal, where 100 or so individuals used it as a shelter. The city has placed around 50 of the 100 in shelters, but it's becoming more difficult because all city departments were instructed to come up with proposals for 20 percent in cuts. For the Human Services Agency, that means $18.7 million. The Ferry Building has increased security, and has developed teams that seek out the homeless and encourage them to join programs. The security staff is also receiving special training to deal with the homeless in a productive way and not be hostile towards them.
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