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Rain, Rain Go Away (So We Can Enjoy This Deck)

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The last time this condo in the North Panhandle sold was in April of 2006 for $820,000. Shoot forward five years and the owners are only looking to make $9,000 off of their property, as the listed price is $829,000. It's a 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,200-square foot condo that's one of two units in the building. The Victorian was built in 1900, and thankfully the unit maintains some of its original period details. LIke wainscoting throughout, tall ceilings and a double parlor (that's been converted to two bedrooms). And yes, on the rare San Francisco day where it's sunny and warm, you do have a an awesome deck off of the kitchen's den to relax and enjoy your tea while you take in some sun. Also included in the sale is 1-car parking and a backyard. Monthly HOA dues are $250.
· 2067 Golden Gate [Redfin]