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Caltrain Hears Your Ideas About Their Budget Problems, Just Doesn't Care

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After Caltrain announced the need to make up a $30 million budget shortfall back in April of last year, a wide variety of groups who actually like Caltrain started brainstorming ideas to help out the commuter rail system. According to the Examiner, everyone from the Friends of Caltrain to the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority to the SF Bicycle Coalition have suggested potential solutions, everything from diverting funds slated for the Dumbarton Rail Project to partnering with the San Francisco Giants. Despite the fact that these ideas would make up about two-thirds of the $30 million deficit, Caltrain seems stuck on their original idea - proposing to cut service and close stations in order to save money. According to an agency spokeswoman Caltrain has, "been working behind the scenes to find this solution and have been unsuccessful." Which is PR speak for, "Huh? Were you guys saying something?"
· Caltain Staunch on Budget Cuts in the Face of Other Ideas [SFEx]