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Pacific Heights: The Walls Are Alive!

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It's under scaffolding but almost finished: the newly-planted living wall designed by Parisian botanist Patrick Blanc on the facade of the Drew School's new assembly building at California & Broderick. Blanc is here this week to meet with students and parents (and donors) and to look over the project. It's his first in San Francisco and his biggest to date on the West Coast; he's best known to American tourists in Paris for his monumental facade for the administration wing of the the Ethnographic Museum on Quai Branly. Check the photos to jog your memory, there's also a detail of one of Blanc's drawings for the wall-good thing we all read Latin. Designed by architect Bonnie Fisher at Roma Design Group, the new wing is due to get a living roof installed by Rana Creek, the people who brought us the roof atop the Academy of Science. Worth a drive-by, we think.
· Mur Végétal [Patrick Blanc]
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