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Opulence Chopped Down to Less Than a Mil Per Bedroom

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Was: $12,800,000
Then: $11,700,000
Now: $9,800,000
You Save: $3,000,000

Well, now this is totally in our price range. 2420 Pacific has been on the market since last June and has since chopped $3,000,000 off its asking price. This quaint little 10,650 square foot house boasts 9 fireplaces and the most awesome old-timey stove ever. Oh, and views. Lots of views. There are also some unfortunate bathroom tile choices (shudder). Now, anyone who has $9,800,000 to spare is probably not bothering with hunting bargains, but at $920 per square foot, it's now welllll under the heart-stopping neighborhood average of $1,349. As lovely as Pac Heights is, we're not sure any square foot is worth that much, except for the few that house the liquor cabinet. And you'll need to tip back a few to deal with the onslaught of new friends you'll have to make to fill up 10 bedrooms and 8.5 baths. You could really throw a rager. Or give your octuplets plenty of breathing room, and a live-in nanny. So many possibilities.
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2420 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA