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Cottage Just Needs Someone to Love It (And a New Bathroom)

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This little 1912 gem at the foot of Mt. Davidson in Sunnyside is quite a charmer from the outside. Even if you're not a fan of the key lime pie-colored exterior, you can at least appreciate its modest attempt at blending in to the tree-lined lot. Inside this 2-bed, 1.5 bath bungalow on the other hand, is an interior only a mother could love. A mother who refused to renovate her surroundings since before you were born, we mean. But for just a smidge under $500k at $498,780 it might be worth the effort to rip out the textured wallpaper and replace that hideously earth-toned tilework in the full bathroom in favor of some modern glazes. While you're spending your entire renovation budget at Heath Ceramics, you might want to think about a backsplash in the kitchen as well - the nauseating green might do a great job of hiding the mess when you spill the split pea soup, but it isn't exactly appetizing. And although it might be tempting to torch all the dark wood from the living room and the rickety-looking staircase in the wood-burning fireplace, the eco-conscious will "reclaim" it for a nice deck on which to enjoy their new backyard.
· 618 Mangels [RedFin]

618 Mangels Ave, San Francisco, California