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This Week's Heavy Hitters in Residential Real Estate Sales

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The least expensive of the top three biggest sales in the past seven days goes to 51 Ord Street in Corona Heights. The 4-bed, 4-bath home recently underwent a complete remodel to bring it up to today's standards, including gutting the kitchen and replacing it with a "sleek granite and maple-finished chef's kitchen with every necessity for the sophisticated California chef." The 4-story home features a master suite that takes up an entire floor, complete with "spa-inspired bathroom" and a "patio retreat." The home was listed in September for $2,249,000 and sold on December 2nd for $1,995,000.

Next up is 11 Cook Street in Jordan Park/Laurel Heights. This 5-bed, 5-bath home is being described as "brand new construction major addition and renovation single family home." We should point out that the remodel/addition is "99% complete and sellers will work w/ the new owner to put the final touches!" The property was listed in August for $2,495,000, and it sold on December 2nd for $2,075,000.

The most expensive sale in the past week (excluding a multi-unit building that we aren't including) goes to 81 5th Avenue in the "North of Lake" neighborhood. This stately 6-bed, 2.5-bath home sits on an extra-wide lot and is a highly desirable area of town. Property highlights include a basement (not very common in San Francisco) and a huge backyard. This property was listed in October for $2,595,000 and it sold on December 2nd for $2,350,000.