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Creative Solutions for Living in Super Small, Cramped Spaces

With the price of housing on the rise, the not-so-super-rich denizens of the world's more expensive cities have been driven toward smaller and smaller apartments. Some have sought refuge in the suburbs or far-flung corners of their respective metropolises, but others have used more creative methods for dealing with the small spaces. The Hong Kong-based architect Gary Chang used his considerable professional skills to create the "Domestic Transformer," a 330-square-foot apartment that can be transformed into 24 different "rooms," one of which is a screening room with hammock seating. Check out a video of Chang's sliding feat below.

Video: JellyWoo/YouTube

Video: Fair Companies/YouTube

? While it transforms into only four rooms, the conversion performed by Normal Projects architects Michael Chen and Kari Andersen was a major upgrade for third-grade teacher Eric Schneider. He had purchased the 450-square-foot studio for $235K and spent $70K outfitting it. Not bad for what is now one of Manhattan's coolest apartments.

Video: Fast Companies/YouTube

? Some Manhattanites have chosen to cram themselves into even smaller spaces in the name of savings, or, in the case of architect Luke Clark Tyler, perhaps as a marketing tool. Tyler has transformed his 78-square-foot apartment into a livable space. The space-saving techniques are remarkable, but with the most minimal cooking appliances and no bathroom, we're at a loss to explain how this qualifies as an apartment. The architect pays $750 per month for the space, located in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood.

? This NYC apartment, while more than twice the size of the Hell's Kitchen closet, packs a lot more useful features into a still-tiny space. The 220-square-foot studio enjoys classic details, a fireplace, and 12-foot ceilings, but the real estate agent who rents it has managed to pack in a party for 20 and regularly hosts dinners for more than ten people. Despite all the success with such a small space, when asked if his boyfriend would be moving in anytime soon, the broker responded, "this apartment is tough enough even for one person.”

? The interior design site Apartment Therapy has an ongoing love affair with the well-done tiny apartment. This 350-square-foot space is one that attracted AT's attention. Home to a Ralph Lauren copywriter, the Manhattan studio is packed with luxurious features and timeless design, right down to the miniature Saarinen chair on a picture rail. Click over to Apartment Therapy for more photos.
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