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Extreme Pricechopper: Presidio Heights Mansion Built by Beer Loses its Foamy Head

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Last month, this c.1910 mansion in Presidio Heights was asking $15,000,000. Twenty days later, possibly after some frank exchanges over the Thanksgiving table, the price has come down $3,000,000. The 8-bed, 6.75-bath Edwardian-era McMansion was built by Adolph Coors for his daughter Lulu, and apparently the house was party-central way back when and we can assume there was some serious product placement, with taps in every room. At least until it became a girl's private school. When we posted about it last month, commenters sparred over Occupy Whatever, life in China and the correct use of apostrophes. Now maybe you'd like to tell us how much you think it will sell for? Click on the gallery above for more images and floor plans.
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Adolph Coors

3636 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA