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Views Galore For Pacific Heights PriceChopper

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Was: $5,000,000
Then: $4,500,000
Then: $4,250,000
Now: $3,995,000
You Save: $1,005,000 What a difference a block will make. Just around the corner on Billionaire's Row, abodes are finding buyers who are willing to shell out $30,000,000 for a house. Why then is 2811 Vallejo having such a hard time finding a buyer? The 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,035-square-foot single-family home was first listed back in late September when it landed on the market with an asking price of $5M. Shoot forward 96 days and it has hacked off more than a million bucks from its price, but still hasn't received a single offer. From the listing we learn that it's an "elegant and sophisticated view home perched high on the south side of Vallejo Street." The pictures provide further proof that this is an opulent home that is packed full of timeless beauty. What say you, dear readers? Why is this manse having such a hard time finding a buyer?
· 2811 Vallejo [Redfin]