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Haight-Ashbury's New Parklet, Ready for That Christmas Guinness

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Upper Haight's first parklet is coming along. A project of the popular and adjacent Irish sports bar Martin Macks, it's expected to be open for business on Friday, December 23, with more extensive landscaping planned for installation in early 2012. The bricks are for a seating area- not a BBQ- and came from a recent seismic chimney-replacement project at a nearby c.1880's house. City-wide, all parklets will get reviewed after six months and no installation is permanent, but change is in the air. This past Spring, Haight Ashbury merchants banded together in reaction to some bad press.

While Martin Macks' parklet is the first project to wend its way through the bureaucracy, the group is working on improving Haight Street's landscaping and planning street closures for Summer, 2012. Similar to Golden Gate Park's Healthy Sundays but unlike the usual street fairs, with more emphasis on the pedestrian experience and less on the usual itinerant patchouli merchants/satay stands. As for the annual Haight Street Fair, you can look forward to a blowout 50th anniversary in 2017.
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