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Keeping the 49ers in SF

"All my meetings with (49ers owner) Jed York have been very positive, and we're keeping a very good dialogue," Mayor Lee said yesterday. "But I can't comment on Mr. Antonini's stuff unless he's come up with some $400 million check from somewhere I don't know about." "With all due respect to the mayor, I just don't think that's the way to do things," Planning Commissioner Mike Antonini said. Antonini is a big time 49ers fan, and has put Lee in touch with an architecture firm that's known for its stadium design. Antonini says it'd take less than a million bucks to draw up plans to show to York. The firm has already envisioned an all-weather stadium with retractable roof that seats about 70,000 people and would be built in Hunters Point. [SFGate]