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NPS: America's Cup Gets a Trim, Will Not Occupy Alcatraz

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[Aerial view of planned America's Cup facilities and viewing areas from June 2011, via AECOM and the SF Planning Commission. Click to enlarged in a new window]

In what now looks like a burst of ill-advised enthusiasm earlier this year, the America's Cup organizers included Alcatraz as a VIP venue- one set aside for the biggest donors, sponsors and presumably, assorted FOLs (Friends of Larry) and politicians- back in June. The National Park Service quickly put a damper on that idea, and reiterated its objections to any Park Service lands being set aside for private Cup Race viewing in their recent responses to the DEIR. No boats, no helicopters, and no media centers at Alcatraz.

Alcatraz is prime viewing for the race, but steadfastly unwelcoming- the Park Service doesn't allow visitors to bring so much as a folding chair to the island. Plans for facilities at Fort Baker, Cavallo Point and Fort Mason are possibly in jeopardy as well. The Park Service also worries that the race courses interfere with ferry schedules, and at Crissy Field, over the usual suspects- birds, beaches, native plants- and crowd control.
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