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Running Silent: A-Cup Committee Plays it Close to the Vest on Fundraising

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[Marina Green sometime in 2013. Image: Aecom via the SF Planning Department]

With only a few weeks left before their deadline, the America's Cup Organizing Committee has remained silent on how much money has been raised to defray municipal expenses for the America's Cup Races. They've committed themselves to having $12,000,000 ready to go when the EIR is finalized but since June they've remained steadfastly mute on how much has actually been gathered into a neat pile of greenbacks. Supervisors are nervous! Or at least David Campos is. We trust that tax lawyers and accountants are beavering away at how much their billionaire clients can give in 2011, so let's hang back and see what they come up with. The committee has agreed to provide a total of $32,000,000 to offset stuff like police overtime, traffic, trash, and presumably, porta-potties for an event some of us are having doubts anyone will actually show up for.
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