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The Holidays Are Quickly Approaching... Take a Vacation That Doesn't Require a Plane Ticket

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Vacation rentals: something the greater Bay Area is rich with. And with the holidays quickly approaching, we thought we'd offer up some seriously swoonable vacation rentals that will make you want to get the hell out of town, Thanksgiving or not. Here now, a small sampling of our favorites. As expected, Tahoe listings were plentiful, as were Napa Valley abodes. Let's start with Tahoe.

The really expensive:

Where: West shore of Lake Tahoe
The skinny: This villa's rates are across the map, so choose your dates wisely. Nights start at $2,500 and top out at $8,286. The minimum stay is at least 3 nights in the off season and a week during the busy months. There are nine bedrooms and the entire abode sleeps 18 folks, so if you and 17 of your closest friends would like to crash here while you hit the slopes, you're looking at $973 per person for the week (lowest rate). Property highlights include 12,000 square feet of "glamourous yet relaxed lakefront living;" 145-foot pier with one of the "few cribbed slips on the lake;" full-bar and a "spacious wine cellar and tasting room."
The reasonably priced:

Where: North Upper Truckee
The skinny: Weeknight rates start at $200 and weekend rates at $500. It can be as high as $700 for the weekend during the Winter. You can nab the place for the week from $1,250 to $1,500. There are four bedrooms but the 2,300 square foot cabin sleeps 10 total. Not a bad rate at all if you and a few of your besties want to take a weekend getaway. We're talking a couple hundred bucks for your own cabin in South Lake Tahoe.

The "we're on a tight budget:"

Where: Heavenly Valley
The skinny: This property's within "walking distance from Heavenly Valley Ski Resort." The cottage has two bedrooms and sleeps six. There's a minimum of a two day stay and the weekly rate is $400. If you want it for the weekend, it'll run you $150 for the whole abode. That's $38 per person for two couples. You can also rent it per week night at $65 per day.

The beautiful Napa Valley

The really expensive:

Where: RustRidge Ranch in St Helena
The skinny: $7,000 for the week or $3,500 for the weekend. This working ranch with a vineyard and a winery on the premise has five bedrooms and sleeps 14. The ranch is located on a lot of six hundred acres of "accessible natural land." You can take a yoga class on the tennis court, a dip in the pool, or a host a picnic under the grapevines.

The opulent and decadent deal:

Where: Napa Valley
The skinny: Peak weekends are $325, midweek is $250, and it's $1,500 for the week. During the holidays, there's a 3 night minimum. The Stoddard house was built in 1898 and has mature gardens, vaulted ceilings and a double parlor. It's a quick drive to St Helena Hwy and just a 10 minute walk up historic First Street to the heart of downtown Napa.