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Valencia Street: You'll Never Make a Left Turn Again

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[Credits: top, MissionMission and bottom, Coleen Silva for SFBC. Click to enlarge in a new window.]

MissionMission reminded us yesterday about the San Francisco Bike Coalition's plan- to stretch a network of green bike lanes across town- with an image of bike lanes down the middle of Valencia Street. The SFBC's up-beat proposal for the future of San Francisco's extant paving is subtly positioned, taking bicycle use out of the hipster demographic and giving us images of healthy senior citizens and families instead of Critical Mass. It's a big plan but worth a look, divided up into easily digestible routes, cheerfully wreaking a car-driver's worst nightmares, like narrowing Valencia Street to two (one each way) lanes for vehicular traffic and widening the sidewalks, and apparently eliminating left-turn lanes for cars. On Polk Street, they dream of no parking at all. Which is probably not a bad idea. Tell us what you think (politely, please) since the goal here seems to be make life in the future as uncomfortable as possible for the automobile and surface public transit. And have cycle advocates learned something from developers- which is to ask for seventy stories when you know you'll get the forty you need?
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