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Temporary Skate Park Causes Turf War

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"It's the chicken-and-the-egg thing," said San Francisco Skateboarding Association President Bryan Hornebeck. "You gave us no place to skate, but we've got to skate somewhere, and you're pissed off it's in your front yard." A temporary skate park has been installed on a half-block area on the southeastern side of Golden Gate Park, and some neighbors are not thrilled about it. "Where Haight meets Stanyan, the location of the skate park, is a place where a lot of druggies hang out," said Karen Crommie, a member of the Cole Valley Improvement Association. "It seems to inadvisable to bring young people into the area." While there may be some truth to that statement, the biggest complaints so far have to do with an uptick in graffiti and noise. The skate park's safe for now, but in March, Rec and Park will determine if it stays or goes. [SF Examiner/photo via Chris Saulit]