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Pacific Heights: View Condominium Drops $400K to $2.5M

Dropping $400,000 since we wrote about it in June when it was $2,900,000, the sellers of this 3-bed, 3.5-bath condominium at Broadway & Webster must be getting serious. The building's dated in a way that may not appeal to everyone, and the slightly tatty post-Vegas lobby needs some cheering-up, but the apartment itself has huge potential. It's definitely one of these "bring your architect" propositions, and the clean, simple '70s vibe has its appeal. Just not the bathrooms. On the ground floor off the lobby, it has high ceilings (higher than in the units above) and direct access to a huge terrace wrapping around two sides plus a private gate to Broadway. The view north is somewhat obscured, but previous owners have screened off the neighboring house and put in a small glassy studio, leaving the rest open to views of the bay and to the east. With the high ceilings and filtered light, it could be the perfect house for some big paintings and their owner. Or an owner and a few kids. HOAs are $2783 a month. Even if your architect isn't available, we recommend the open house this Sunday, November 6 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. How much lower will they have to go?
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· 2190 Broadway, 1E Redfin]