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Transbay Terminal Draft EIR Dramarama

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Yesterday the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact report for the the Transit Center District Plan and Transit Tower...better known as the new 1,070 foot Transbay Terminal skyscraper. Public testimony ranged from the supportive (more density! Sustainable transportation!) to the opposing (shadows! Air quality during construction!), but the planning commissioners felt the document itself was adequate. Planning staff didn’t respond directly to any of the comments - instead they’ll be transcribed and responded to in a later comments-and-responses document.

The report is a mere 933 pages long, so it was split up into three parts here, here, and here, in case you’re looking for some light bedtime reading. Not able to make it to yesterday’s hearing? Don’t worry, the Planning Department extended the written comment period through November 28.
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