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Berkeley Craftsman Cute Despite HDR Overkill

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This Berkeley Hills 3-bed, 2-bath home wants a buyer?and a photographer with wee less dedication to HDR photography. Currently each bedroom appears to feature small UFOs in the ceiling. But otherwise we dig this pad: 1,839 square feet of Craftsman at 1195 Keeler Ave means you're not too far from some of Berkeley’s best food and hiking, all for $729,000 (quite a bit less than it sold for in 2005, by the way, when the price tag was $850K). Fave feature is the outdoor shower. Not sure how that would work if we actually tried to rent the possible in-law being advertised since it seems to look out upon said shower, but perhaps dedicated shower hours or degrees of acceptable nudity can be negotiated in the lease. This is, after all, Berkeley.
· 1195 Keeler Ave. [Redfin]