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What's Happening at Pacific and Polk?

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A reader asks:
I'm curious what's going on the southeast corner of Pacific and Polk. Frame-o-rama moved out, then ReMatch sports. Now there's a fence around the property. I can't figure out what's going on. A search of the property’s permit history in the Planning Department’s property information database shows that two permits were filed in the past few months - one for demo of the existing two-story retail space, and another for construction of six-story, 41-unit apartment building with retail on the ground floor. Powerhouse Wilson Meany Sullivan (of the Ferry Building and Treasure Island fame) will be developing the project. With a fence already surrounding the property and permits in hand, it looks like demo and construction will start any day now.
· San Francisco Property Information Map [SF Planning Department]
· 1595 Pacific Ave [Wilson Meany Sullivan]