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Museum of Carpentry AKA 832 Fell Takes Another Chop

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Was: $3,800,000
Then: $3,500,000
Then: $3,150,000
Now: $2,995,000 While we hate to see any piece of residential real estate languish on the market, we can't help but think that selling 832 Fell is going to require a very? specific type of buyer. Firstly, the 6,720-square-foot Queen Anne Victorian mansion has seven bedrooms and five and half bathrooms. It's also, by far, the nicest house on the block (and surrounding blocks). Next we have the interiors. The design is, well, it's probably a bit intimidating to potential buyers. Imagine the upkeep it would take to keep those interiors gleaming and shiny. We should also note that most folks aren't used to a marble built-in bed in the middle of a master suite. Readers, you keep weighing in on why this property isn't selling. Do you think the latest chop will finally attract a buyer?
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