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Board of Supes Meeting Recap: November 1st Edition

In possibly the shortest hearing in recent history, yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting was short and sweet, wrapping up in just over 2 hours. First up, the return of Supervisor’s Cohen’s “Reconstruction of Buildings Damaged or Destroyed by Fire or Acts of God” legislation. Supe Elsbernd got his concerns wrapped into the language, and it passed unanimously. His mom should be happy.

And last, but certainly not least, was Supervisor Wiener’s public nudity legislation, which would require nudists to cover up their naughty bits when entering restaurants and to lay a towel down when they sit down on public seating. With giggles erupting throughout the public when the clerk called the item, Supe Wiener said that despite the fact that “the press has been obsessed with itno one came out to oppose it at the hearing. It passed without a hitch.
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