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From Rental To TIC To Condo To PriceChopper in the Tendernob

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Waaay back in early 2006 we told you about the largest Ellis Act eviction in San Francisco. The owners of 901 Bush Street announced that they were converting all of the building into TIC's, which meant the current tenants had to get out. And then in 2008 they turned condo. Unit #506 at 901 Bush is being advertised as the "last studio remaining in this newly constructed building!" Since the building is not actually newly constructed, we'll assume they meant the interiors, which were remodeled in 2008 with designer finishes. The studio has been on and off the market since at least October of 2009, and now it's down to an asking price of $369,000. Monthly HOA dues are $267 and there's no mention of parking. Let us know in the comments if you think this studio will finally land a buyer.
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