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West Oakland Loft Inspires Your Inner-Artist

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Now here readers, is a lofty loft. Over 1,500 square feet, many of which shoot vertically through ceilings that go up and up ad infinitum. A live/work unit intended for artists, 345 Henry Street, #3 would probably turn you into an artist even if you’ve never painted anything more ambitious than a fingernail. You could take your etchings to the shared garden space in back, or to your separate studio space, another 1,110 square feet. The 8-unit complex itself was developed by sculptor Bruce Beasley; your unit: 1-bed, 2-bath, separate studio and the endless ceilings, all for $429,000. What do you say, readers? Other than an HOA of $400 a month, what’s the catch?
· 345 Henry Street, #3 [Caldecott Properties]
· Bruce Beasley[Website]